Obama Administration Claims Too Many White Women Teachers

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As Weasel Zippers reports, “diversity trumps competency” in Obama’s America.

During a visit Monday to Spelman College, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan claimed the country needs to increase the diversity of it’s teacher workforce to match the diversity of schoolchildren. “This is doing the right thing for our nation,” Duncan said.

Basically, in schools where there are more African American student than white students, Duncan believes there should also be more African American teachers, paving the way for an affirmative action-style hiring process within the education system.

Once again, we see the Left buying into a racist mentality. Duncan would rather have an under-qualified black teacher at the front of a classroom than an experienced, worthy white teacher.

This report comes on the heals of another which revealed that the Obama Administration awarded a government grant to a diversity organization which was caught distributing racist materials during this year’s White Privilege Conference. How fitting.

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