House Formally Votes To Hold Obama Accountable For Abuse Of Power

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The House of Representatives has voted to hold President Obama accountable for trading five high-ranking Taliban terrorists for one Bowe Bergdahl in a controversial and illegal move. The only reason the President was able to negotiate the trade in the first place, was by doing so without the required approval from Congress.

The law which Obama conveniently ignored requires that the President give Congress a 30-day notice before releasing any prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

The House’s official bipartisan vote culminated in a 249-163 split, with 22 Democrats joining the Republicans to ensure that Obama sees the consequences of his illegal behavior.

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Obama may have been trying to sweep his lawlessness under the rug when he swapped Bergdahl for the GITMO detainees, by doing his best to convince the American people that his actions were an attempt at following America’s policy of never leaving a soldier behind. If this was the case, his efforts were too little too late. At this point, we all know that Obama could care less about American soldiers, whether they be killed overseas by enemies whom he armed, or left awaiting VA care until they pass away here in the United States.

Never the less, we are finally seeing our elected officials do something to put the brakes on Obama’s executive overreach. Let us know what you think of this report in the comments section!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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