Man Suing Police After Being Publicly Sodomized In Search For Drugs

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Abuses taken by police officers are getting out of hand lately, so much in fact, that one man is suing his local police department after being sodomized. In an apparent search for drugs, the man, in clear view of the public, had his pants pulled down and was subjected to an anal cavity search for the entire world to see.

The incident reportedly took place on May 3, 2013 where Baltimore, MD police approached Jermaine Lyons and asked him if he had any drugs on him. Despite answering, “no,” the officer still proceeded to search the man and when he still didn’t find any drugs, decided to take the investigation one step further.

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Outside in a parking lot, the officer pulled down Lyons’ pants, and proceeded to perform a cavity search in pursuit of these mysterious and ever elusive drugs Lyons apparently had on him. After finding no drugs, the officer said he was clear to go.

Lyons attorney, Isaac Klein, has since announced that he is filing suit against the police department saying, “It’s as simple and outlandish as it appears,” and that his client, “was embarrassed and outraged.”

Ironically, Lyons was arrested just 10 days later on narcotics charges which have subsequently been dropped. As Klein explains, “this was yet another negligent error by police who mistakenly arrested and charged Lyons, for which they are filing another civil suit,” according to The Free Thought Project.

It seems the drug war is getting out of hand.

(h/t: Free Thought Project)

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