Horrifying Model Shows How Ebola Will Spread To Entire World

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As many of Obama’s sheeple go about their day with complete disregard to the mounting threat of Ebola, a chilling video has been released which shows a likely scenario in which the virus spreads to the entire world, causing a near extinction event. At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization are actively preparing for the Ebola virus’ eventual spread out of West Africa. Government officials are keeping this quiet, so as not to cause widespread panic.

The video was produced by researcher Yaneer Bar-Yam in conjunction with the New England Complex Systems Institute. Bar-Yam, who is President of the NECSI, remarked ominously, “It wouldn’t take much for the current Ebola outbreak to spread to more countries or continents. It only takes one infected individual making it through an airport checkpoint.”

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CDC director Tom Frieden commented on the window of opportunity for stopping the spread of Ebola, which is rapidly coming to a close, saying, “This is not just a problem for West Africa, it’s not just a problem for Africa. It’s a problem for the world, and the world needs to respond.”

As America’s borders remain unsecured, the threat of Ebola arriving stateside through an illegal immigrant or even a terrorist with sinister plans to wipe out our population, is cause for serious concern. Do you think the Ebola virus will spread to the U.S.? Tell us in the comments section!

H/T: infowars

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