Illegal Seizures And Arrests: Law Abiding Citizen’s Rights Violated While Filming Cops

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Power trips, when it comes to cops, are in no short supply in recent days as they continue to follow suit after perhaps the nation’s most corrupt leaders in all time leads the path. In a recent video, while clearly attempting to demonstrate who was in control, a few officers decided to take the law into their own hands and teach a few activists a lesson.

During the course of the video, charges were fabricated, arrests were made and equipment was confiscated. Pouring salt into the wounds of those whose rights had been violated, officers later stated that the citizens took it too far this time and crossed the line after actually hindering the duties of police.

The incident took place late at night where members of the groups Texas Cop Block and the Tarrant County Peaceful Streets Project were ramming the roads of Arlington, Texas where they stumbled across an ordinary traffic stop. After exiting their vehicles, cameras in hand, they approached the officers, as is their right to do, in order to record the interaction.

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The situation quickly dissolved into mayhem as an almost countless amount of officers rushed to the scene intent on dominating the group.   While some were almost hit with cars, others were shuffled off like cattle, all the while being threatened by officers with arrest, to a point where they could not see, nor hear, the actions of involved officers.

At one point, one woman, although clearly compliant, was handpicked out of the complying citizens and manhandled before being eventually arrested. At this point, members of the group can be heard screaming at the officers who seem to look away in a seemingly embarrassed manner.

Dallas News |

News agencies broke the story that night, but shared the officers side of events saying that the citizens were hindering the duties of officers. Furthermore, the police department sent out an “outreach” letter trying to make peace with the groups.



With it they sent two tickets as well.

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