Police Shooting Armed Drug Addict Captured On Video

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A shocking video has been released that shows police shoot an armed drug addict who threatened to kill himself and his roommates.

Roommates of Thomas Carberry, 50, called police in Florida after he threatened to kill them. They managed to escape with their lives when the drug addict briefly went outside and they quickly locked the door.

“When he walked out here, he wanted to be killed,” said one of the roommates, who was identified as David Dlouhy by the media. “He hated how drugs had taken over his life.”


When he realized he had been locked out, Carberry began banging on the door and firing his weapon until police arrived at the chaotic scene.

Joe Cavaretta, a local photographer who witnessed the shooting, recounted how the police repeatedly told Carberry to drop his weapon.

“He’s got a gun in his hand, holding it down. And the police, it must have been three or four times, [they said], ‘Drop your weapon, drop your weapon, drop your weapon.’ And the guy said, he said, ‘Just do it, man. Just do it.'”

When he continued to refuse to drop his weapon, police had no choice but to shoot Carberry. He was rushed to the hospital, but he later succumbed to his wounds.


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H/T: The Daily Mail

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