You Won’t Believe Who All The Residents Of This Town Are…

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Miracle Village is a town located just outside the Everglades in Florida, and it boasts some very unusual residents…

According to The Daily Mail, the town is made up of over 200 sex offenders and their families who flock to the village to atone for their sins. The residents see Miracle Village as a safe haven, since many have been driven from their homes after they registered as sex offenders.

The village was founded by the late evangelical pastor Dick Witherow, who almost became a registered sex offender himself when he got his 14 year-old girlfriend pregnant at 18.

Today, the village is a close community where these perverts are free to be themselves and live in peace.


“It is a deeply religious, tight-knit, and strictly self-governing community,” said photographer Noah Rabinowitz, who recently took pictures of the village. “There are no violent criminals in town, [which is] a strict guideline to admission.”

Sex offenders must apply to live in the town before they move in.

“Application numbers are very high and admission, based on a voting system, is very selective,” Rabinowitz added. “Moral and ethical judgements aside, the residents are trying to live out their American Dream, in the only way the law and society will allow.”

“Some discuss their hopes for life after their time in Miracle Village, but many find it to be a safe place and wish to stay.”

Though there are some children living in the village, many of the residents are not allowed contact with them due to the rules of their probation. A bus stop that had been located just outside the town was moved so that no children would need to come close to Miracle Village.

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H/T: The Daily Mail


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