New Liberal Video Titled “Hey White People” Will Make Your Blood Boil

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There’s no shortage of bigotry here in America and here to make sure that fact remains a reality, folks like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson continue to race hustle. Although they didn’t have a hand in the creation of a video titled, “Hey White People,” it’s still guilty of such tactics and is sure to make any Conservative’s blood boil.

The video seeks to address the uncomfortable nature in racism and heal, through speaking about, racial instances that go uncorrected. Unfortunately, the video, instead of fixing the problem, instead makes excuses further enabling blacks to act in manner that they do all the while blaming, you guessed it, whites.

As The Gateway Pundit puts it:

The first rule of race-hustling… Never look inside your own community for change.
The second rule of race-hustling… Always blame whitey.
The third rule of race-hustling… Make some greenbacks.

Just some of the pompous and entitled quotes from the “Hey White People” video are as follows:

“We just want an equal shot in life, not to be shot to death.”

“Just because Beyoncé is on your playlist and you voted for Obama, doesn’t mean that our generation has seen the end of racist drama.”

“Employers don’t even have to see the color of our skin for the discrimination to begin. Resumes with ‘black sounding’ names like Tanisha and Tyron are 50% less likely to get called in for a job interview than the exact same resumes with white sounding names.”

Kid Mocking White Person: “Some of my best friends are black.” Kid Sarcastically Holding Cookie: “You get a cookie!”

Instead of coming off as intelligent people addressing a problem in which they were intent to solve, the context of the video instead came off as telling people to suck it up as blacks, inherited via the suffering of their ancestors, had the right to do as they pleased. Telling them otherwise, well, that’s just racist.

Take a peek at the video and let us know what you think – are you mad yet?

(h/t: The Gateway Pundit)

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