Gun-Grabbers Freak Out When Confronted With Facts

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This video is an excellent example of a social phenomenon which Conservatives have been privy to for some time; namely, the fact that liberals ignore facts when they don’t support their argument.

Alex Jones visited a “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense” event, where he was met by angry supporters of the anti-gun group who were less than thrilled with his presence there. The head of the local chapter refused to speak on camera when confronted with facts inconvenient to her agenda. She quickly bowed out after calling Jones a “bully”, though he was very polite to her.

Another woman actually became so enraged that she assaulted Jones, who was not even speaking to her at the time.

A man who was present got in Jones’ face before revealing that his daughter was killed in the Aurora, CO shooting. Perhaps if she had been armed, she could have taken down her assailant and lived to tell about it. As Jones maintained, when someone is killed by a drunk driver, you blame that irresponsible driver, not Ford or Chevy.

What do you think about these ignorant, gun-grabbing liberals? Sound off in the comments section!

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