You Won’t Believe Why GoFundMe Shut Down This Girl’s Fundraiser

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An Illinois woman named Bailey started a very controversial fundraising campaign on GoFundMe last week. She wanted the site’s users to chip in for an abortion she couldn’t afford herself. Her fundraiser was titled “Stop Bailey From Breeding Fund.”

“Aside from having no desire to raise a child, she is economically unstable and can barely afford to support herself, which means having enough money to pay rent, smoke cigarettes, drink rockstar, support her friends in prison, and if she’s really busted her ass, maybe go to a show or two,” her fundraiser said.

An email from GoFundMe to Bailey stated:

“We’re sorry to inform you that after careful review, GoFundMe has determined that your campaign is not appropriate for our site. Accordingly, your GoFundMe account has been removed and your campaign is no longer visible on GoFundMe.”

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Bailey has spoken out about her difficult pregnancy since news of her failed fundraising attempt made headlines. “It’s just been really, really painful,” she said. “Like I said, I just got the ultrasound done and haven’t really been to the doctor very much, so I can’t say there’s a specific condition, but I know that it’s worse than any menstrual cramps I’ve ever had. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I can’t get out of bed, and I can’t go to the bathroom.”

All of the complaints Bailey voiced are typical symptoms of pregnancy. Pain and constipation are normal, though severity of these afflictions varies from woman to woman. Neither of these annoyances constitute medical cause to terminate a pregnancy. Never the less, Bailey plans to go through with her abortion this week. GoFundMe will send her the money she received from site users before her campaign was cancelled.

Women like Bailey are the product of our increasingly liberal society, where anything goes. Not only is this girl practicing unsafe sex, she doesn’t seem to care if the whole world knows she’s a lowlife. Her parents must be really proud.

Do you think that GoFundMe made the right decision by shutting down Bailey’s fundraiser? Tell us in the comments section!

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