Terrorists Create All-Women Task Force To Expose Male Spies In Burkas

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As ISIS and ISIL continue to grow and have become a significant player on the world’s stage, it seems that paranoia is beginning to set in as foreign governments are uniting to destroy the terrorist forces. Most recently it’s been suggested that an all-female task force has been enacted by the terrorists in search for male spies dressing in burkas – the dress-like outfit with a face covering worn by women of the Muslim faith.

According to ABNA News:

Up to 60 women are believed to have joined the Al-Khansaa brigade, an all-women’s branch of ISIL, which is believed to be based in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

The claims were made following research conducted by the US based think tank Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC). TRAC says the group was set up to expose people suspected of spying on ISIL by disguising themselves in women’s clothing.

According to reports from the Daily Telegraph, most of the women in the Al-Khansaa brigade are between 18-24, with some joining the main military ranks of the ISIL terrorists.

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The report goes on to detail that a woman by the name of Aqsa Mahmood, a privately educated 20-year-old from Scotland, may be on the task force. Her parents have appeared on several main stream media news outlets and have made pleas to their daughter to return home.

As described by her father, Muzaffar Mahmood, “Her last message was that ‘I will see you on the day of judgment… I will take you to heaven, I will hold your hand.’ That’s what she said.” He went on to say, “Our daughter is brainwashed and deluded and helping those engaged in genocide.”

The task force allegedly pays the women a whopping $161 a month.

(h/t: The Gateway Pundit)

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