Mike Brown Attorney Confronted Over Officer Wilson Facial Injuries

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As activists continue to fight on the ground demanding justice for Mike Brown, not everyone is so inclined to make up their minds before the facts have come out. In a recent press conference, the Brown family attorney was recently confronted regarding the purported facial injuries sustained by Officer Darren Wilson at the time of the scuffle.

After giving their little spiel, they opened the floor to questioning in which one member of the audience was quick to ask what they had to say regarding the allegations that Wilson has suffered significant injury to his face. Of course, without coming out an saying it, the activists, as well as, family attorney tried their best to beat around the bush all pointing that the claims were false.

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The transcript of the conversation, as provided by The Gateway Pundit, is as follows:

Brown attorney: You cannot look the other way when the culprit is someone in your own police department or your own back yard. Any questions?

Reporter Adam Sharp: Is it true that Officer Wilson suffered facial fractures?

Attorney: That’s nothing that I’ve heard. I haven’t seen anything on it.

Reporter Sharp: There are numerous reports saying this…. Are you saying there were no facial injuries on Officer Wilson? Mr. Gray, you’re the attorney, do you know?

Attorney Anthony Gray: I tell you what. This is the way I’d answer that. Look at the video, moments after the shooting. You tell me if that’s somebody walking around, looking at Mike Brown Jr.’s body, if that person looked like he had any sort of facial injuries.

Reporter Sharp: So you’re saying there were no facial injuries to the officer?

Gray: I’ll tell you the video speaks louder than what I can tell you right now, sir. All you have to do is look at the tape. (applause) He’s standing there not one time does he touch his face.

Isn’t it time that those calling for justice regarding Mike Brown take an unbiased look at the facts that have been released and reassess their conclusions – perhaps even leave it open until all facts have been revealed?

(h/t: The Gateway Pundit)

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