Teen Thugs Savagely And Viciously Beat Unarmed, Mentally Challenged Man

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A video is causing nationwide outrage as it continues to spread virally over the internet depicting several teen thugs beating a mentally challenged man. Heard screaming throughout the entirety of the video, the boys needlessly continued to pummel the man without provocation despite his cries.

The video was posted over the weekend and has gained quite a bit of traction due to its horrific nature where police have since announced they’ve made two arrests on account of the video. The 26-year-old victim, Coran, has been said to suffer from Williams Syndrome in which is described as having “elfin” features (smaller stature and frame) as well is significantly more empathetic and social (i.e. they’ll talk to random strangers without second thought).

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Coran’s mother, Yana has since addressed the video saying it made her feel, “rage, anger — because of the situation, with him being mentally disabled, he doesn’t do anything to anyone but be kind.” Despite being heard on the video screaming for the boys to, “leave me alone,” other’s egg on the aggressor to the point where one chases down Coran and slam him on the ground.

Feel free to watch the entirety of the attack here:

Despite their best attempts to bring Coran to the point of physical altercation, those shouting, “Come on! Hit him back!,” weren’t successful by any means as it is not within Corans personality to act in such a way. Instead, he’s only seen curling into the fetal position in which he tries to protect himself as best he can while enduring a flurry of blows and kicks, some to the head.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Coran has been targeted by the teens as there are several videos on the web showing the thugs abusing the kind-hearted man. In an attempt to shame those complicit in the attacks, one internet user, Angeliz Marrero, posted the video to her Instagram account with the description reading, “#TheBullyProject.”

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