Liberal To Hillary: We Want Someone New, Just Like Your Husband Did

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Flaming liberal Bill Maher made fun of Hillary Clinton on Monday’s Late Night with David Letterman. Some are saying that his comments hit below the belt, however, we here at Mr. Conservative find them to be especially hilarious. In regards to Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency, the host of Real Time on HBO said:

“My advice to Hillary, I said this on the air, go away for a while. Just go away because we’ve seen a lot of this woman and we’re kind of sick of her already. And the more that she’s out there, at this point, and it’s so early, the more we’re going to get sick for her. And, you know, I think she’s probably traumatized by what happened in 2008 when she lost to Obama because she thought it was hers for the taking. And it turned out the country, you know, basically did to her what her husband did; they found someone newer and younger.”

The audience was aghast over Maher’s statement. Do you think he went too far for the sake of a laugh? Tell us in the comments section!

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H/T: Real Clear Politics

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