Rapper Says Ferguson Police Threatened To Blow His “F*@#ing Head Off”

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Rapper Talib Kweli is one member of the liberal black community who came forward in support of Michael Brown after he was fatally shot by white Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson. Kweli went to Ferguson to join in the violent race riots which resulted after Brown’s death. Oddly enough, he criticized the media for reporting too heavily on the riots which he himself was a part of.

Kweli has now spoken out in an interview with Billboard, saying that his life was threatened by law enforcement trying to maintain some semblance of order in Ferguson. The rapper remarked:

“Was my life threatened in Ferguson? Oh, yeah. I had a cop telling me he was going to blow ‘my f—ing head off.’ I was with poet Jessica Care Moore and activist professor Rosa Clemente. We got chased, and people next to me got tackled. The cops were tackling people like lions tackle gazelles. I didn’t get tackled, but I got stopped. They pointed guns at my group and they made us lay on the ground while they secured the area. And there was a black cop who got upset at the way the police were treating us. He said, ‘These people didn’t do anything. You have to let them go.’ If he didn’t step up, I would have been arrested.”

How do feel about Kweli’s comments? Do you think he is just another member of the black community with no respect for law enforcement? Or were the Ferguson police out of line? Sound off in the comments section!

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