Doctor’s Note Now Needed For “Over The Counter Drug” Chapstick In School

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Things are getting bad when even an 11-year-old has to say enough is enough when it comes to government oppression. One such child has found herself in a situation just like that after having to say that her school is being ridiculous for requiring a doctor’s note from children wishing to use chapstick in schools.

11-year-old Grace Karaffa has found herself in a battle of epic proportions against a new rule that has disallowed the casual use of lip balm in her school. As administrators have now deemed the topical substance as an “over the counter drug,” they state anyone wishing to bring it on school grounds must also bring with them a doctor’s note giving the children permission.

According to Karaffa, “I was told I couldn’t use it. Then later that day they (lips) started to bleed so I asked for Chapstick again and I was told that it was against the school policy for elementary kids to have Chapstick.”

As a result, the 11-year-old girl started a movement against the school in which she was able to obtain about 236 signatures on a petition demanding the mandate be stricken. As one could imagine, once learning about the new rule, parents became outraged at the ludicrous nature in which the school was acting.

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One such parent stated, “Chapstick should be allowed!! The rule is ridiculous. Children need it in the winter the same as us adults. My daughter got a bad case of chapped lips last year and had to ‘hide’ it to not get in trouble, I’m like really??”

Another mom pointed out that Chapstick wasn’t the only ridiculous remedy banned from the grounds as her friend’s son was suspended for simply taking some ginseng. “A friend of mine, her son was seen taking ginseng… was suspended and made to take drug classes.”

Chapstick is only the most recent of idiocy put out there by public school systems as toy guns, gun gestures and even stories about guns have been deemed an act worth of suspension and maybe even expulsion. One school even said that “unsupervised cartwheels” were banned as they’d been deemed, “dangerous.”

According to the Peregian Springs State School announcement sent out to parents, “All students have been advised that under no circumstances are they allowed to perform cart wheels, handstands or any other type of gymnastic move at school unless they are properly supervised by a trained PE teacher.”

Are schools getting out of hand or is, as Liberals would have you believe, danger lurking around literally every corner?

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