Crazed Woman Backs Over Handicapped Man In Scooter During Lover’s Quarrel

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Quite the feud was recently caught on camera as a man thought he could block his apparent significant other from leaving in her pickup. After a heated exchange, the woman tipped the man over and then proceeded to back over his scooter leaving the man’s mentality in shambles.

According to the The OC Weekly:

The video shows an overweight woman with a white truck yelling at an overweight man in one of those motorized scooters you see advertised on basic cable. The footage seems to have been taken from a second story window overlooking an alley. For some reason, the man is blocking the woman’s way. She gets out of the car, scratching her head.

“Get the fuck goddamn right out of my fucking way,” she screams, then slaps his back. “Get the fuck out of my way!”

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Then, without warning, the woman tips the man over in a fit of rage leaving him helpless on the pavement. As he screams for help, the woman re-enters her truck and begins to back up, over the scooter that was in her way.

The man then breaks down, almost to the point of audible crying, where the woman is seen pulling ahead and backing up once again over the scooter and even crushing his cell phone. The man who recorded the incident wrote, “Yeah, today was just extra terrible. She’s normally kicking her car, screaming, throwing stuff on a daily basis. Her running him over was a first though.”

Simply wanting his significant other to calm down, he was helplessly pushed over and had his scooter and phone run over – what do you think the chances are that he’ll interject the next time she wants to leave?

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