Man Assaulted By Kroger “Flash Mob” Speaks Out

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As Mr. Conservative reported over the weekend, a violent black mob went on a rampage for seemingly no reason at a local Kroger supermarket where they beat any white person they could get their hands on. Most recently, one of those men has come forward to say that he wasn’t beaten for a reason, but rather because the group just wanted to have “fun.”

The incident took place in Nashville, Tennessee where onlookers pulled out their cell phones to capture the madness on tape. As many sought shelter from the chaos, one camera woman, emboldened by her own skin color, saw no danger standing out in the open.

At one point, she can be heard saying “oh, they got a white dude.”

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That “white dude” has since spoken out with a local news affiliate saying that he first thought it was simply just a flash mob. After he whipped out his phone though, a black man came from around a car, said “hey, brah,” and started swinging.

Seeking shelter inside the store, he was able to evade the men looking for an easy target which they were later able to hone in on. As seen in the video, one man was beaten profusely and even had pumpkins thrown on top of him.

Security only could be bothered to step in after he handed his camera off to someone else to keep recording while he went and did his job. When it came down to it, the man speaking out said the men were simply trying have some “fun,” and nothing more.

Take a peek at what he said and let us know what you think of this nonsense in the comments below.

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