Army Preparing To Enter NYC, Use “Lethal Force” Against Conservatives

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A startling report, entitled Megacities and the United States Army, was released by the Chief of Staff of the Army, Strategic Studies Group. The public has cause for concern after the release of this document, which urges the Army to prepare to enter New York City and other “megacities” in response to recent civil unrest.

In light of the events in Ferguson, MO, it looks as though the military is prepping to take on the American people if need should arise. That need could be anything from a peaceful anti-abortion protest to a more violent race riot, as evidenced by the vague language used in the report. Reasons given for why U.S. troops may be sent into major cities include “unrest,” “income disparity,” “natural disasters,” and “illicit networks” who challenge state power. According to the report, each of these problems create “friction which compels future military intervention” that “will require boots on the ground.”

The report states that there is a strong possibility that the Army could be called to the streets of New York at any given time. With the constant threat of Obama enacting Martial Law in response to any number of the crisis he has created, this is no laughing matter.

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The document also uses the fact that many “megacities” are “conduits for access to critical natural resources, like petroleum,” to reason that military intervention is necessary. “If the demand signal or threat poses enough risk to U.S. national interest, military intervention is a likely scenario,” states the report. The problem is that the person making the call on whether or not a crisis situation requires the military; namely, our Commander In Chief, has proven himself to be a power-hungry tyrant with motives that are contradictory to the principles of freedom and prosperity.

The plan for preparing to enter megacities includes militarizing the police force and neutralizing the treat of those individuals “who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state.” This verbiage could easily be applied to those who’s views don’t align with the current administration’s. The Army plans to use “lethal force” if necessary to stop anyone who fits this mold.

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