Black Councilwoman Called Out For Inciting Race Riot, Storms Out Of Meeting

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There is perhaps none hurting the nation worse right now than race baiters and hustlers. In an attempt to keep “problems” alive in order to further themselves financially or politically, one such woman was recently called out.

Being the coward that she is, while being called out in front of the town, she packed up and stormed out no longer able to face the humiliation she’d brought upon herself.

The incident unfolded in Troy, NY where police Sgt. Thomas Hoffman called out Councilwoman Anastasia Robertson by describing her actions. Apparently two officers were patrolling a heavily black neighborhood where they were called to an altercation between a white and black woman.

The white woman had left, so they began to question the black woman leading to councilwoman’s obnoxious remarks. At that time, Robertson reportedly got in one of the officer’s faces with a cell phone, and while recording said, “This is why the black community doesn’t respect the police. You only go after black people.”

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While addressing the city’s council, Hoffman stated, “I’ve been a proud member of the Troy police department for almost 25 years and I have never witnessed a more disrespect towards the group of men and women, who put their lives on the line everyday for the citizens of this community.”

He eventually went on to say, “You can’t talk about public safety and assist in public unrest,” where Robertson can be seen backing up her bag and walking out, mid-speech, like the coward she is. Apparently this isn’t the first time Robertson has stirred the racial pot either as The Daily Caller reports, she posted the word, “AMERIKKKA,” on her social media account during the Ferguson riots.

She went on to say, “We are hogs for slaughter,” following with, “Does America want a race war?” She apologized earlier in the night for her words and has since deleted the posts from Facebook.

Is it acceptable that an elected official tasked with representing the public act in such an irrational manner in which she purposefully tries to incite racial tensions?

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