Phil Robertson And Sarah Palin Team Up To Piss Off Liberals In A HUGE Way

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“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has teamed up several times with former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin to tick off Liberals a few times now, and they’re at it again. This time, in an effort to thank disabled veterans for their service, Palin invited Robertson up to Alaska for one heck of a retreat.

Robertson has developed a reputation clearly outlining his inability to mince words and his recent spiel only went to prove that further. After speaking on a slew of topics, the famed reality star focused on the racial divide in the nation.

Saying that the color division in our nation is completely ridiculous, he went on to say that we’re all created in the image of God and that we must, as brothers of the same country, learn to love one another. He eventually went on to say that it wasn’t until he turned to God and starting to live his life for Him, that his life turned around and urged Americans to do the same.

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As Conservative ideals stand for, Palin spoke on the need for America to return to its roots. “[W]e’re hearing we need a fundamental transformation of America. No, we need a fundamental restoration of America.”

America, as one can see, it truly turning out for the worst as the current administration continues to neglect its duties in pursuit of nationwide (or at least the majority of such) acceptance. Its teams like Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson that have Liberals shaking in their boots that we need more of around the country.

What do you have to think about what this incredible duo banded together to represent? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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