Soldiers Pose Next To Bloody Bodies Of ISIS Terrorists Killed In Combat

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Usually, it’s the ISIS militants who are pictured with the dead bodies of the so-called infidels whom they kill in their brutal quest to establish an Islamic caliphate. Now, real soldiers have gotten fed up with the Islamic State’s never-ending propaganda photos and have snapped a few shots of their own. Call it the revenge selfie.

As reported by MailOnline:

Iraqi security forces and Sunni tribesmen have been pictured lording it over the bodies of Islamic State militants after killing them in a firefight.

The jihadists died after launching an attack on a military post which wounded an Iraqi governor and a senior colleague.

One image shows a smug Iraqi flashing victory signs while putting his foot on the chest of a dead extremist.

In others, Iraqi troops are seen smiling as they gather around the corpses.

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