High School Girl Humiliated And Beaten For Being “Too White”

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In an act of extreme racism, a High School girl found herself on the receiving end of some pretty serious and unwarranted hate. Although the attacks started out as only verbal, they quickly evolved into something a bit more physical for no other reason than because the girl was simply, “too white.”

As it turns out, both the assailant and victim were black.

The incident took place Rock Hill, South Carolina where the two got off the bus after school and both were walking to their own prospective houses. After a bit of harassment, the attacks turned physical where the assailant was said to land a flurry of blows before running off home.

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According to the Daily Caller, “the student who got beat up suffered numerous injuries including a serious cut above her right eye.” An ambulance was called where the girl was treated and taken to an area hospital.

The quarrel between the girls been long fought as the victim describes herself as a, “light-skinned black female,” whereas the assailant is a bit darker. According to the attacked student’s report given to police, her attacker has challenged her several times prior to a physical fight in which she’s declined on all occasions.

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