TX Sheriff To Terrorists Trying To Cross The Border: “Send ‘Em To Hell!”

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Obama may not have a strategy for dealing with ISIS, but this Texas sheriff certainly does! In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter revealed how he plans to handle any terrorists hoping to enter the U.S. by way of our unsecured southern border.

Painter is of the opinion that Islamic terrorists who seek to destroy infidels have already infiltrated the United States by crossing the border – it’s as easy as taking a midday stroll across the dried up Rio Grande riverbed. As Painter put it, “There’s no fence, no nothin’ to keep you out.”

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Lemon, a notorious liberal, could not seem to wrap his head around the notion that ISIS terrorists could already be in the United States. He accused Painter of drumming up his claims in order to scare people. The sheriff, not to be deterred, informed Lemon that the good citizens of Texas are well aware of the threat that ISIS poses and that more likely than not, they have already crossed the border.

Lemon certainly wasn’t ready for Painter’s brazen strategy when dealing with ISIS terrorists. He about fell out of his chair when the sheriff said, “Well, if they rear their ugly heads, we’ll send ‘em to hell.”

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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