Obama Whines: I don’t Get To Take Enough Vacations Because Of My Job

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There’s no arguing that being the President of the United States of America – and in such, the leader of the free world – has perhaps the world’s toughest job, but isn’t that what they signed up for? Apparently the responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief have proven too much for Obama to handle as he recently said all that work is getting in the way of his vacationing.

The remarks came about during an interview with NBC journalist Chuck Todd where the two were discussing Obama’s frequent golfing despite an American head being cut off going viral across the internet. Of course, Obama, instead of offering an apology or sympathy of any kind, instead stated that the job can be a pain in the neck when trying to enjoy oneself.

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“You know, it is always a challenge when you’re supposed to be on vacation, because you’re followed everywhere,” Obama said.

Obama has undoubtedly gone over the top when it comes to the lavish vacations he’s taken with his family all at the expense of tax payer money. Instead of faithfully executing the duties of his office however, Obama has demonstrated a childish mentality of not knowing how much would have to be sacrificed when taking on the job of President.

What do you think – is there any reason for this nonsense? If the unfortunate nature of his negatively impacted life were so prevalent, then why did he run for a second term?

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