Romney Rips Obama: “I Would Have Been A Better President”

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Mitt Romney appeared on Fox News Sunday, where he completely ripped into Obama for his failed foreign policy. He stated:

“I think the president is really out of touch with reality. He looked at Russia and thought that was a friend he should reset relations with. He looked at Al Qaeda and said, ‘They’re on the run.’ More recently he looked ISIS and said, ‘Oh, they’re just the junior varsity.’”

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Romney went on to say that he’s not planning to run for president again, but he still thinks he was the right man for the job in 2012:

“There’s no question in my mind that I think I would have been a better president than Barack Obama has been. I wish it were me. But my time has come — come and gone. I had that opportunity. I ran, I didn’t win. Now it’s time for someone else to pick up the baton.”

It must be hard to be in Romney’s shoes; knowing that he lost the Presidency to a colossal failure like Obama. He knows he could have done a far better job as the leader of the free world, but he wasn’t given the chance.

Do you think Mitt Romney would have been a better Commander In Chief than Obama? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: The Blaze

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