Fox News Host: There’s No Such Thing As An “Assault Weapon”

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During recent times, gun grabbing Liberals have had an astounding effect on the nation in their successful attempts to demonize firearms – the best of which being the coined term “assault weapons.” During a recent segment however, one Fox News host stepped forward to say that the term “assault weapon” is made up and that in all reality, there is no such thing.

The remarks came about by Tucker Carlson during Fox & Friends Weekend where he brought on a gun store owner. During that time it was revealed that police had reportedly threatened him after demanding he hand over the records of everyone he allegedly sold an illegally modified – as per the state of NY – AR-15.

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In an attempt to clarify why the owner would use the term AR-15, Carlson stated, “We should be clear for our viewers that ‘assault weapon’ is a made-up term and there really is no such thing as assault weapon.”

Although Carlson was generally sympathetic toward the predicament in which the store owner was in, he eventually went on to chastise him saying, “If I were one of your customers, I gotta be honest, I’d be very upset that you gave my name over to the cops.”

Given the time we live, facing a borderline oppressive tyranny, which would you do – comply with an intimidating police force or stand up for the rights of yourself and customers.

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