Police Chief Decapitates Boy’s Pet Chicken With Shovel

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A Minnesota Police Chief has found himself in a bit of hot water lately after using a shovel to decapitate a boy’s pet chicken. Claiming that the pet was in violation of the city’s ordinance, Atwater Police Chief Trevor Berger broke several laws himself to track down and kill the family’s pet.

After receiving a call to 911 dispatch about a chicken running around the town, Berger was dispatched in which he’s defending his actions. “It’s against city ordinance for a chicken to be in the city and running around in people’s yards,” he stated. “I’m sorry it had to happen that way.”

Explaining that his initial plan of action consisted of shooting the hen, he relayed that after seeing children in the neighboring yard, he decided against it. Instead, after, “10-15 minutes,” of chasing the chicken around in an attempt to get it back into its pen, he grabbed a nearby shovel leaning on the family’s garage.

“I feel like I made a good effort to get it back in,” Berger said after conveying that he then decapitated the chicken at that time. He eventually went on to say, “I guess I don’t regret it, because it’s like taking care of any rodent in town.”

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The family, as one would expect, is rather peeved at the way in which Berger went about the whole ordeal as the mother of the boy who owned the chicken, Ashley Turnbull, stated, “The chicken was like a puppy dog to my son. You wouldn’t do that to a puppy.”

According to the Turnull’s, Berger not only killed their pet, but left its head right next the coop in which it used to live. Although Berger states that he meant to call the family to inform them he’d killed their chicken, he says he simply “forgot.”

When he did get around to calling them, Turbull’s fiancé, Chris Gordon, states, “I said, so you came to our home and killed our chicken with our shovel? He said, ‘Yup. Any questions?’ That’s the thing that makes me mad.”

The family has since filed a complaint with the city in which they’re demanding Berger apologize to their son in the very least. “I still feel he owes my son an apology and he owes us a chicken,” Turnbull declared.

Although he’s stated he’s not entirely sure what all the “uproar” is over, Berger has relayed that the “chicken fiasco” will be addressed during an upcoming City Council meeting.

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