Police Officer Exhibits Exact Qualities That Make People Hate Cops So Much

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Police Officers are beginning to develop quite the reputation after countless incidents of unwarranted violence and abuse of authority. Despite many officers being respectful and polite, the light is being shined upon officers acting in a corrupt manner and one recent policeman was recently caught on tape validating these concerns.

Phoenix police officer Richard Greco was investigated by Internal Affairs (IA) after several reports of his alleged overstep were filed. As it turns out, Greco wore a lapel cam allowing the investigation to go rather smoothly as all his interactions were documented on video.

During their investigation, IA was quickly able to discern that Greco was the exact reason people don’t like cops so much. All caught on tape, the officer was heard using unprofessional, offensive and arguably abusive language toward those he’d come in contact with.


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Calling people, “retarded,” and an “idiot,” Greco was even heard at one point saying, “I’m talking to you, you piece of shit, now get the fuck over here.” Overly aggressive at times, the inflated officer used his shield as “do-whatever-he-wanted” card in which he explained to one couple, “I’ve got one tool and that tool is to beat people up and take them to jail.”

Although Greco states that although he lost no sleep over what he’d said and done, others felt that his actions were unwarranted and unnecessary. He was shortly thereafter fired.

Greco did file an appeal for his termination, but that too was just as quickly shot down.

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