White Man Gets Attacked By Latino Thugs, Liberal Reporter Asks Him If He’s “Racist”

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There seems to be no shortage of stupidity going around the nation these days and as Liberals have become emboldened by what Obama had demonstrated is acceptable, it seems to be making the issue all the more worse. Proving just that, a Liberal reporter, after approaching a White man who had just been mauled by Latino thugs, asked the bleeding victim if he was racist.

The race card has been thrown about so much it’s become just about the most frequently used tool in the arsenal of the Left during the recent years. Simply by blaming any altercation – either verbal or physical – on the fact that the two involved have different skin, just about any situation can be turned to incorporate racism.

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As cameras were rolling, a man who had just been physically attacked, as indicative of his bleeding head, was asked by a Latino Liberal reporter if he was attacked for being a racist. Shocked by what he’d just been asked, the man, as anyone would do, refuted the claims to the best of his ability.

The best part came however when a black man intervened in a situation and called the woman out on her race hustling. Saying that just because he was white did not give her justification to ask such questions, he turned the situation right around on the woman by informing her that it was actually she that was racist.

No one can argue the lengths in which Liberals will go to paint a picture they’d rather see than the truth – if they can demonize the Right, or white oppressors, then all the more better. These nuisances are the root problem of racism in our nation and is exactly what those wishing to lean upon the crutch of racism depend upon to keep it around.

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