White Teacher Wins $350,000 In Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit

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Under Obama’s administration, the claims that there is no such thing as “reverse discrimination” has completely gone out the window. Under the nearly tyrannical reign of Obama, the overdramatic use of racist claims have emboldened those who would like to use their race for ill will – including retribution by those who think they’re entitled.

Racism and reverse discrimination are the same exact thing, and they’re both wrong. Just because they have different names mean absolutely nothing when it comes to both the ethics of the matter as well as the law.

Angelique Simpson-Marcus, a black principal, found this out the hard way after using both her race and authority to take advantage of a white teacher. Jon Everhart, a 65-year-old, highly decorated and veteran teacher found himself the object of Simpson-Marcus’s wrath after she was awarded the position.

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Everhart quickly found himself being demoted from teaching honors classes to freshmen lectures, he was also on the receiving end of some terrible reviews as well. Eventually, the teacher was outright fired where somehow, Simpson-Marcus was even able to have Everhart’s teaching license revoked entirely as well.

As anyone would do, the teacher took the case to court where arguments were heard out and the judge ruled in favor of Everhart. Furthermore, the veteran teacher was awarded $350,000 for medical expenses resulting from the stress taken on by losing his job as well as other various reasons.

The judge also has yet to rule on how much Everhart will receive in back pay and benefits as well.

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As for Simpson-Marcus, come to find out, this isn’t her first bout of racism in the workplace. According to reports, she has 16 lawsuits filed against her, several of which being from teachers who were fired for backing Everhart.

No matter who it is, no matter what the reason (race entirely aside) racism is wrong no matter how it comes about. The fact that racism against whites is called reverse discrimination just goes to show how pathetic the Left as well as PC soldiers can be – racism is racism, pure and simple.

This seemingly entitled nature in which blacks are entitled to seek retribution for the oppression of their ancestors is beyond ridiculous. However, this notion, as one could see, has almost become acceptable as our Commander-in-Chief, along with his cheerleading Liberal support, continues to lead by example.

(h/t: Conservative Tribune)

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