White Couple Viciously Attacked After Denying Thugs’ Sexual Advances

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As Mr. Conservative reported previously this week, a white couple was savagely beaten by a pack of thugs and the entire event was caught on tape. As it turns out, the reason the black aggressors decided to evoke a physical altercation was simply because the woman denied the men’s sexual advances and pictures have since been released showing the damage done during the attack.

The incident took place on August 22 when Meredith Cole was approaching a club where she was set to meet her boyfriend, Alex Vessey. On her way in, the group of men decided to get a little handsy where they attempted to sexually assault her.


After evading the men and making her way into the club, she told her boyfriend what had happened which is when viewers can see the two after having left to club to get a better look at the culprits. The thugs then attacked.

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As seen in the video, the two suffered a series of devastating blows as Vessey was first assaulted. When Cole jumped in to pull the aggressors from her boyfriend, she was also hit in the face as well. Having been at the receiving end of several punches and kicks, the couple sustained a variety of serious lacerations and bruises throughout the entirety of their bodies.

Police were able to show up just moments after the beating and even pursued the thugs but were unsuccessful in apprehension. The couple was taken to an area hospital where they were treated for serious injuries.


Authorities have since come forward in which they’ve asked the public’s help in identifying the men in the video. The couple have also spoken out since the incident in which Vessey stated, “I wasn’t scared. I was just mad that it was happening kind of unbelievable that people act like that.”

Cole went on to add, “Hopefully they get arrested and they’re not going to do that to anybody else.”

(h/t: Mail Online)

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