FOX Guest RIPS Obama: If He Was President During WWII, We Would Have Lost

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During the course of Obama’s administration, many have been left wondering how the world would be different had he been president during more pressing times. One Fox News panelist, when sharing a similar notion, went so far as to say that if the current administration had been in power during the days of WWII, America and the allies may not have won.

It’s not hard to pick out a flaw when it comes to Obama as the devastating effects he’s had on this nation far outweigh the positive. That being said, beyond the countless scandals that seem to be plaguing the White House these days, the less than productive efforts coming from Obama and his goon squad seem to be having quite the adverse effect on the nation than one would hope.

As threats are looming around just about every corner these days, between ISIS, along with other various terrorist organizations, an open border and the anniversary of 9/11 coming up, there’s more than enough reason for concern. That being said, Obama seems not worried about these, what should be, pressing matters and instead is more worried about sightseeing, golfing or fundraising.

In times such as the cold war, or WWII, as Jonathan Hoenig recently pointed out, this lackadaisical and neglectful attitude just wouldn’t cut it. Suggesting that we accept the world of Islam despite the radical “few” acting under its guidelines, many have become, with good reason, quite concerned for the safety of both our nation and its people.

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As Obama’s clearly demonstrated, he’s more infatuated with being politically correct, and everyone liking him (despite reality being extremely far from this desire), threats go unanswered and the shedding of American blood, as we’ve seen, has literally gone without consequence.

This exact reality is what lead Hoenig to say:

“I honestly wonder if our current administration would have won World War II. I think we would have lost it.”

Is he right? Is Obama that out of touch with what it takes to successfully lead and protect a country that this could have been the outcome had he been president during that time?

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