Leaked Photos Show Mike Brown Partying With Felon Step-Father

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By now, its been made perfectly clear that Mike Brown was anything but the innocent, giant teddy bear the Left, as well as his family, would have you believe. Earlier today Mr. Conservative reported that as Mike Brown’s Instagram was discovered, many photos were released proving him the thug that race baiters tried so hard to cover up.

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Even more recently, The Gateway Pundit reports:

On Mike’s Instagram account, there’s a picture where he looks high as a kite, smiling & flipping the bird. The man in the picture with Gentle Mike, with smoke coming out of his mouth and what looks to be a lighter in his hand, appears to be Mike’s stepdad, Louis Head.

As seen in his other photos, Brown was smoking what appeared to be weed given the description reading “#highwithgangbangsters.” Furthermore, the “angelic” Mr. Brown was seen flashing a series of gang signs at the camera as well as one all-too-generic obscene gesture.


Furthermore, the Pundit writes, “Mike Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, has a long rap sheet and spent time in prison.” Is this a shock to any of you? Is there any real relevance to Brown being pictured partying with a felon? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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