Fellow Cop Publicly Defends Darren Wilson, Calls Obama A Racist

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A fellow law enforcement officer has publicly defended Darren Wilson, the white cop who shot Michael Brown last month. Sergeant Christopher Hall is a Seattle police officer. In response to the “Hands up Don’t Shoot” movement started by the black community of St. Louis, MO, Hall started his own movement. He wrote on his Facebook page on August 19, “In light of the Ferguson hashtag, DontShoot, I’m starting the hashtag #DontRobStores and #Dontpunchcops.”


Clearly, Hall does not agree with the narrative that officer Wilson was acting with excessive force when he shot unarmed 18-year-old, Michael Brown. Hall has also started a fundraising campaign to raise financial support for officer Wilson. Last Thursday, he posted a link to a fundraising page that sells t-shirts saying in big block letters, “Don’t attack a police officer. Don’t get shot.” Then, on August 20, Hall, changed his profile image to a police badge that says, “Officer Darren Wilson I Stand By You.”


It didn’t take long for Hall’s social media activities to be called into question. As we’ve seen in the past, if your ideology differs from that of Obama’s liberal America, you are quickly retaliated against. The Seattle Police Department has officially launched an investigation into Hall, amid a federal court order which was handed down to the department commanding that they “reform a pattern of excessive force and troubling practices with racial minorities.”

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Hall is no fan of President Obama, either. On August 18, he wrote, “It is even more disgusting that President Obama did break away from his vacation and golf to address the situation in Ferguson, MO and send his condolences to Michael Brown’s family. Your actions speak louder than words Mr. President, and your intentional division of this country and overt racism is an embarrassment.”


Do you think it’s fair for the Seattle Police Department to place Hall under scrutiny simply for voicing his opinion? If he took a more liberal stance he certainly never would have been targeted. Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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