Former Manager Dishes On Joan Rivers: She Was “Like A Rabid Pit Bull’

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Billy Sammeth is the former manager of late comedienne Joan Rivers. He was fired by the star just days after she won Celebrity Apprentice. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Sammeth spoke out about his former client, and he didn’t have many good things to say.

Sammath, who also managed Cher, remarked, “You know when you’re 4 or 5 years old and you’re holding the leash of a German Shepherd and the dog is dragging you down the street but you think that you’re in control because you’re holding the leash? That’s what managing Cher was like.” When asked by interviewer Kevin Sessums if he had any canine comparisons he could make about Joan Rivers, Sammath replied, “I hate to besmirch the reputation of an innocent dog, but a lot of time her personality is like a rabid pit bull.”

Sessums then asked, “Did you see the episode of Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?—the reality show on the WE network—of Joan smoking pot and getting high? Melissa had to go “rescue” her and drive her home and stop for cheeseburgers because Joan had the munchies so bad.”

Sammath’s answer was quite shocking:

“I read an article the other day about how low was she willing to lower herself now to get ratings. That’s just another example of it. In my mind, Edgar [Rosenberg, Joan’s late husband] killed himself 20 years too early. It would have been a great reality show they all could have starred in. He could kill himself. Then Joan could go to his funeral. She could then mourn on camera. You want to talk about ratings. I tell you, the world has gone off its rocker on what is right and wrong.”

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Sammath had some unsavory words for Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, as well:

“Well, she’s not my favorite girl for a lot of reasons. Mainly because I respect people with talent. I’m not so sure if you’re talented yourself you take on your mother’s stage name. It’s not Liza Garland, for God’s sake. But Joan has gotten away during this phase of her career with bringing Melissa along with her. “It’s you and me, kid,” she seems to be saying.

“I once took Joan and Melissa to the Palm Court at the Plaza when Melissa was around 7 or 8 years old. Going to the Palm Court became like a ritual to Joan back then. Two old Jews came up to Joan that day when Melissa tagged along with us to the Palm Court. They said something to Joan in Yiddish. Melissa was roaming around the room like a little Jewish Eloise and Joan calls her over. Melissa traipses over and Joan told the old Jew to repeat what he had just said in Yiddish and Joan and Melissa fell all over each other hysterically laughing. My eyes were falling out of my head thinking how smart this little girl is to already know Yiddish. So after the old Jews walked away and Melissa goes off to pretend she’s Eloise, I turn to Joan and say, “My word, Joan. I’m so impressed. Melissa knows Yiddish?” Joan goes, “No. She doesn’t know Yiddish and I don’t know Yiddish. But anybody who’s speaking to you in Yiddish is telling you a joke so you laugh at the end of it. I’ve taught her that much so nobody will think she’s stupid.” That was Joan in her 50s. She’s almost 80 now and she still treats her daughter the same way.

“What do I really think about Melissa finally? I think when she no longer has Joan, it will be a very interesting Melissa. But with her final breath, Joan will be trying to lock Melissa into some job or other. As much as I wish Melissa had more talent, it ain’t easy being Joan’s daughter. She tried to segue Melissa into the jewelry collection, but Melissa just wasn’t very good at it. But the way Joan’s going, she could last till the age of 212.”

The notion that Joan Rivers would last until the age of 212 is a sobering thought so soon after her death at the age of 81. What do you think of what Billy Sammath had to say? Sound off in the comments section!

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