Former Muslim EVICERATES Obama: “Terrorists DO Represent Islam”

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In arguably the most informative video to hit the web regarding the religion of Islam, a former Muslim took to educating those who are quick to say that extremists represent no religion. From the mouth of a man who only goes by the name of Brother Rasheed, he not only took Obama to task about his recent remarks regard ISIL, but eviscerated his claims entirely.

Many have, over the passing few years, come to realize the strong ties between the religion of Islam and Muslim extremists. The tolerant left however is quick to point out that the Muslim religion is called the “religion of peace” explaining that extremists misinterpret the Quran and pervert its words to mean what they want it to mean.

Rasheed however, after sarcastically explaining that the reason he only goes by his first name being that it is the “religion of peace,” goes to point out the several inaccuracies when it comes to what Obama has recently said. Explaining that growing up, he spent the first 20 years of his life studying the word of Allah, and his father being an Imam, he knows the religion quite well. Furthermore, he holds a degree in religious study and is working on a master’s diploma in terrorism studies, noting that he’s more than just up to date on the matter.

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Going through and explaining the several aspects of extremist behaviors, he quickly points out that several things, such as the way they grow their beards to even the wrist in which they wear their watch is taken straight from the Quran. Furthermore, the reason extremists behead is because Mohammad, speaking for Allah, ordered them to do so in their holy book, and even did so himself several times.

Rasheed even points out one instance where Mohammad cut the heads off of over 600 men because they were Jewish. The Quaran is a violent book in which it directs faithful followers to kill anyone and everyone that does not bow down to Allah 5 times a day.

The former Muslim uses this point to explain why Muslims kill Muslims as even neglecting to pray is a crime worthy of death. Rasheed goes on to describe the chilling nature in which the Quaran 47:3 which reads, “So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them.”

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The enlightened explanation goes on to share several other instances in which extremist actions align perfectly with the word of the Quran including the capturing and enslaving minority women – which Mohammad did, with three separate women and terrorist organizations are doing now.

Rasheed eventually takes a jab at Obama’s feeble actions saying that if you want to destroy Muslim extremism, he was going to have to attack the problem at the root – the religion of Muslim as a whole. Instead of making excuses, Obama should be attacking the actions of these extremists as they do represent exactly what the Muslim religion stands for.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on what Rasheed had to say in the comments below. Did he hit the nail on the head?

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