Vintage Footage Shows Joan Rivers Disrespecting Jews

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Late comedian Joan Rivers was Jewish, however, she was not the best example for her faith. The video above is just one instance of the star cracking jokes about the Jewish faith and not taking the Jewish holidays seriously.

Rivers was also quite flexible in her practice of the Jewish religion, celebrating Christian holidays as well. Indeed, is seems as though she was Jewish when it counted, but could care less otherwise.

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She rubbed a few people the wrong way with her lackadaisical practice of the faith, while at the same time using it in her comedy sketches to her own benefit. “I’m at the age where I figure, ‘Screw it, I’m gonna have a Christmas tree…’ I got a two-story-high Christmas tree… On the bottom I got the manger, I got the whole goddam thing going there. The wise men, the sheep. The only thing is, I had the baby, but I’m Jewish — I got him a nanny,” Rivers joshed in one such sketch.

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H/T: Huffington Post

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