Update: Unresponsive Private Plane Crashes Off Jamaican Coast

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The unresponsive private plane has crashed off the coast of Jamaica after F-19 jets following it witnessed the pilot slumped over his controls. According to The New York Daily News, there were three people onboard including developer Larry Glazer and his wife Jane.

The plane had taken off from Rochester, New York at 8:45 am, and was supposed to land in Naples, Florida just before noon. However, the plane became unresponsive around 10:45 and F-19 fighter jets were sent to trail it.

They were forced to peel off when the mysterious plane entered Cuban airspace, but the plane crossed through Cuba and crashed near Jamaica when it possibly ran out of fuel.

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Though investigators do not know why the plane crashed at this time, it is plausible that the crash was a result of depressurization. This phenomena is caused when there is a sudden loss of cabin pressure, and it results in everyone onboard immediately dying of Hypoxia.

Though this does not happen often, it gained national attention when it was the cause of famous golfer Payne Stewart‘s fatal plane crash in 1999. The fact that the pilot was seen unconscious at the controls suggests that depressurization may have caused this crash as well.

We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

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