Breaking: Unresponsive Private Plane Flying Towards Cuba

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An unresponsive private plane that was supposed to land in Naples, Florida on Friday now appears to be making it’s way toward Cuba.

According to Mediaite, the plane was supposed to fly from Rochester, New York to Naples and land just before noon, but it instead kept going. Air traffic controllers have not been able to reach the pilot, who authorities believe may be unconscious. They do not know how much fuel is left on the aircraft.

Two F-15 jets started accompanying the jet when it did not land, but they were forced to peel off when the plane entered Cuban airspace. There is no word on who is onboard the aircraft, but reports say that there are seven seats on the plane.

The F-15 jets are currently circling Cuba and plan to follow the plane again if it leaves Cuban airspace.

We’ll update you further as this story develops.

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