EXPLOSIVE Evidence Suggests Mike Brown Key Witness Also Attacked Officer

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Potential new evidence has been leaked by the folks over at The Conservative Treehouse (TCT) who claim that the star witness in the Mike Brown murder, and Brown’s personal friend, Dorian Johnson may have joined in on the attack against officer Darren Wilson. Picked up by mere visual investigation, a gold bracelet, also seen on Johnson at the time of the strong arm robbery he was complicit in, somehow ended up abandoned, on the ground around the location that Darren Wilson stood while being attacked.

According to the eyewitness testimony given by Johnson, he and his friend (Brown) were doing nothing more than walking down the street. As we all know, due to the later release of surveillance camera footage in which the two had just, minutes before Brown’s death, carried out a strong arm robbery (see above).

It is this surveillance camera footage in which the odd coincidence was noticed and the shocking difference before the first video in which he appeared on CNN just moments after the shooting as well. First a little pretext; as seen in the crime scene photos near a police cruiser sits what many had assumed to be a leftover brass casing from officer Wilson’s gun.


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Upon further investigation, it seems to actually be a golden bracelet despite no one knowing its origins. After seeing the surveillance camera footage of the robbery however, it appears that Johnson was, at the time, wearing something resembling a golden bracelet.


Although the footage isn’t crystal clear, put together with yet another video of Johnson, and the importance of the bracelet becomes significantly more important. After the shooting, as has been made the arguing case for left-leaning folk, Johnson, the main “key witness” of the Brown shooting participated in an interview with CNN – which we all now know to have been conducted just a short while after the two had pulled off a robbery.

At the time, despite the fact that much of his account has since been disproven, he claimed that Brown raised his hands in the air saying, “don’t shoot.” When he did this however, it exposed his right wrist to the camera, in which, for some reason, it showed Johnson not wearing anything. Although he had a plastic bracelet of sorts on the left wrist, the surveillance video depicts something on Johnson’s right wrist.

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Put these two videos and crime scene photo together and it would seem that Johnson, somehow, lost his bracelet during the events of that day. Seeing how bracelets don’t just come off, as Johnson had just finished up with a robbery and the bracelet having no trouble staying on his wrist, one could only assume that the bracelet must have been forced off.

It is with all this information, that TCT suggests that that Johnson may have actually joined in with his friend on the attack against officer Darren Wilson. For a more comprehensive and detailed look at the findings, feel free to check out the full report here.

So, could this actually be Johnson’s bracelet? Could these suspicions actually pan out?

(h/t: TCT)

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