Allen West Just Got A New Tattoo, This One’s Sure To Tick Off Obama

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Retired Army Colonel Allen West recently got himself inked at Ace’s High tattoo shop in West Palm and this one’s sure to tick off both Obama and Liberals alike. Upon his inner-right forearm dons the words “Molon Labe,” Spartan for “Come and take it.”

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According to Broward/Palm Beach New Times:

It’s a Greek phrase well-known to Army folk. It means “come and take.” A classical expression of defiance, it’s what King Leonidas supposedly told Xerxes before the Battle of Thermopylae. The slogan, which was used during the Texas Revolution, is also popular among Second Amendment activists today.

As this stands phrase is recognizable amongst gun loving crowds, West’s tattoo puts across a very powerful message. Showing that not ever in his time will guns be taken out of the hands of Americans, West’s new tattoo, and in such permanent commitment, has many people wishing that a man of his stature were currently in the White House.

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(h/t: Broward/Palm Beach New Times)

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