NY Sheriff Releases New Details Regarding Stewart Investigation

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As many continue to wait on the edge of their seats to hear the findings of the Ontario County investigation into Tony Stewart hitting and killing Kevin Ward Jr., the Sheriff has recently given a bit more insight into exactly when this will happen. According to an announcement on Friday, the investigation is anticipated to take yet another two weeks to conclude.

Seeing how the last announcement disclosed a similar time frame, and proceeded to last twice as long before another announcement was given, not too many people are taking the Sheriff’s words at face value. Others however have pointed out something more coincidental in nature in that Povero may be using the investigation to further himself politically.

Now of course, the Sheriff is denying any such claims saying that he would simply rather be thorough than rush to conclusions given the magnitude of the case. “It is international,” Povero recently explained. “This investigation has probably garnered the most media attention that the Ontario County Sheriff Office has seen in many, many years.”

He furthermore went on to describe, “It is a thorough process, and we are continuing to evaluate all available information and all the facts that have been determined or are being reviewed by investigators. We are working with the (Ontario County) District Attorney’s Office to review and analyze as much forensic evidence as possible.”


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His opponent, Rodney Miller, however, the first one Povero’s had in the past 24 years since being elected, is saying that his ex-patrol partner is using the case politically. “Povero is using it as a political tool,” said Miller. “My gut feeling is it will be announced before the primary election.”

As is with the Stewart incident, the public seems to be split on the matter here as well. While some are saying they “can’t think why it is taking so long,” and that there, “might be ulterior motives,” others Povero is simply, “making sure they cover all their bases.”

Povero has also commented on the accusations saying, “The election has absolutely no bearing on this investigation.” He went on to conclude, “The goal of the Sheriff’s Office is to thoroughly investigate this tragedy. We would go through the same for any investigation at a racetrack or investigation of a death.”

So which is it? Is it taking long simply because that’s the nature of a complex investigation, or could the Sheriff have a card up his sleeve?

(h/t: Greece Post)

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