A Pastor Got Censored For Saying THIS About Islam

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When you think of the sort of preachers who might say something so offensive that they actually get censored, names like Jesse Jackson come to mind. Certainly not the guy in this video.

Pastor Daniel Ausbun’s YouTube account was recently shutdown because of a sermon he posted which revealed some of the most regrettable truths about Islam. Apparently, there was a “violation of the terms of service and their community guidelines.”

YouTube ultimately reversed their decision, after a bit of negative press.

The Conservative Tribune explained:

Ausburn preaches from John 15:18-25, a passage in which Jesus warns his disciples to expect persecution. That persecution, he said, is occurring in the Middle East right now.

Ausbun also warned that ISIS would target the United States if given the means and opportunity. “They are targeting Christians because they are infidels,” he said. “If you’re not a Muslim, you’re out the door, you’re dead.”

“Apparently, they didn’t like me preaching on radical Islam, so I got booted and banned,” Ausbun said.

You can easily find far more questionable material on YouTube than this pastor’s sermon. The fact that they decided to censor him is completely ridiculous.

Do you think this is all part of the ongoing war on Christianity? Sound off in the comments section!

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