Clinic Where Joan Rivers Underwent Procedure Now Being Investigated


September 5, 2014 6:29am PST

Although many are mourning the loss of the ever famous Joan Rivers, medical officials have been looking elsewhere for answers – where the entire ordeal originated from. Although she passed away after having been on life support for several days and being 81 years of age, the clinic where she underwent her routine procedure is now being investigated.

Furthermore, reports have since come out suggesting that she was also given the same drug responsible for the death of Michael Jackson as well. According to the Mail Online, “The New York State Department of health has launched an investigation into Yorkville Endoscopy, the out-patient clinic where Rivers went into arrest.”

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In addition to the investigation, RadarOnline has also described that Rivers had been given Propofol – a drug normally used as a anesthetic for routine procedures. Even more shockingly, the drug gained its infamy during the days after Michael Jackson’s death given that it was included in the fatal cocktail he had been prescribed resulting in the famous trials of his personal doctor.

Although unfortunate, it would seem that Rivers went out in a blaze of glory as her makeup and nails had been done daily as well as her room being decked out with wall-to-wall flowers and other various decorations. Several fans, as well as other fellow comedians have since come forward to offer both their condolences and fond memories of Rivers after hearing of her passing.


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