Soldier Played Dead To Escape Massacre When ISIS Executioner Missed

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23-year-old Ali Hussein Kadhim was captured by ISIS in June in Tikrit, Iraq. Unlike most of the prisoners taken by the brutal terrorist organization, he lived to tell about it.

A Shiite Iraqi soldier, Kadhim was ordered to the executioner’s line while his Sunni comrades were spared. He has identified himself in photos taken on that fateful day, as he neared almost certain death.


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Kadhim was able to trick ISIS militants into believing that he was dead after a bullet meant for his head narrowly missed. He smeared the blood of his slain friend all over his face to look more convincing. “I saw my daughter in my mind saying ‘Father, father’,” he told the paper from his home in southern Iraq. “I just pretended to be shot.”

After playing dead until his captors turned their backs, Kadhim fled and spent three days on the run, feeding off of any plants he could find. Finally, he made it back home to his heartsick family.

Kadhim is the only known survivor of the Islamic State’s mass execution. Tell us what you think of his harrowing tale in the comments section!

H/T: MailOnline

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