U.S. Soldier Attacks Biden Head On, Completely Destroys Him


September 4, 2014 10:47am PST

Sadly, Joe Biden had a more stirring response from Obama earlier this week when addressing the public in regards to ISIS and the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. However, after saying America could drive and follow ISIS to the gates of hell, at least one soldier took to completely destroying Biden by revealing the “sad” reality that the current administration has implemented.

Obliterating the try-hard mentality of Biden, one U.S. soldier took to obliterating his spiel by saying, “Follow #ISIS to the Gates of Hell? We’re not allowed to follow them out the front gate of our base!”

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As has been made clear time and time again, U.S. forces are being hamstrung by the current administration in an effort to, for some reason, be more tolerant of those who worship Allah. Despite American’s heads being lopped off in a clear message aimed directly at America and Obama, our Liberal “Commander”-in-chief has done nothing to show ISIS militants that we mean business and that we are a bear not worth poking.

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Instead, as so many were quick to point out, the “sad” reality in all this, is in an effort to appear morally superior, we’ve come off as weak and hesitant on the world’s stage. In the eyes of those looking on around the globe, we’ve become a wussified state too scared to teach those who do us harm a lesson they’ll never forget – and justifiably so.

When will Obama stop coddling the enemy and do what is necessary to protect the lives of the American people? Why is he so quick to defend the religion of Islam despite the acts of horror perpetrated in its name?


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