Ferguson Rioters Shoot Up $100,000 Worth Of Police Cruisers, Six People Shot

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In an exclusive report released by The Gateway Pundit, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt has recently disclosed the Ferguson protesters were responsible for over $100,000 in damages for just police cruisers. Along with this, six innocent bystanders were also shot by rioters carelessly discharging their weapons.

As we reported earlier, police had already announced having been faced with live fire – an adequate reason to militarize. After all, our soldiers in Iraq are taking on live fire and dress in a certain way, why shouldn’t police who operate in similar conditions dress in a similar fashion?

See video below for proof:

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Just because they’re Americans shooting at police don’t make the rounds any less lethal.

Along with terrorizing the community, protesters, as is well known by now, were responsible for the looting and burning down of a local convenience store. The community has yet to release the overall price tag on damages suffered at the hands of protesters.


As numbers like this continue to come in however, one could only imagine the staggering amount insurance companies are going to have to pay out as those who felt so inclined acted out for a thief and a thug.

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