Christian Restaurant Owners Fighting Back Against Atheists In Big Way

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation is at it again, folks. Their newest victims are the owners of a mom-and-pop pizza shop who offer a 10% discount to patrons who bring in a church bulletin with them on Sundays. The horror!

Steven and Amy Rose are the owners of Bailey’s Pizza in Searcy, Arkansas. Along with offering a discount to those who bring in a church bulletin on Sundays, they also run promotions for senior citizens, college students and members of the military. This wholesome marketing strategy is just to much to bear for the libtards over at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They have forced the family to hire an attorney to fight for their right to offer discounts to their fellow Christians.


Now, if these overbearing atheists have such a problem with the pizza parlor’s policy, the logical response would be to just not eat there. But that would be far too easy and make far too little noise. This group of liberal pot-stirers would never go for a thing like that. Not enough controversy.

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The family isn’t about to take threats from the FFRF lying down, though. They are standing their ground and we applaud them for it. As the Conservative Tribune pointed out, the atheists’ efforts have had the opposite affect of what they intended. People from around the world have voiced their support for Bailey’s Pizza, showing that the Christian community is far more passionate and vastly outnumbers the amount of atheists fighting against them.

As the attorney for Steven and Amy Rose pointed out, the family is not discriminating against anyone. They offer their services to all who enter their establishment, so the FFRF’s claims of discrimination won’t hold up in court. It even says on the sign outside Bailey’s Pizza that “all are loved and welcome.”


Something tells me that if Steven and Amy Rose were offering a discount to Muslims, the Freedom From Religion Foundation wouldn’t have such an issue with it. What do you think? Show your support for Bailey’s Pizza in the comments section!

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