OOPS! McCain Accidentally Admits Obama Admin Armed ISIS

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John McCain and Obama are both guilty of arming terrorists, though they don’t like to come right out and admit it. But thanks to a freudian slip during an interview with Greta Van Susteren, McCain has now admitted to committing the atrocities he has denied for some time.

At about the one minute mark in the video clip above, Susteren questions the Senator regarding arming the Free Syrian Army. McCain’s answer, though a slip of the tongue, is quite revealing. “Hillary Clinton has described already the meeting in the White House over two years ago… everyone in the national security team recommended arming ISIS and the President, by himself, turned it down,” said McCain.

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Obviously, he was referencing the President’s refusal to arm the FSA, which he accidentally called ISIS.

McCain’s inability to differentiate between ISIS and the FSA just speaks to the fact that the Obama Administration has been notorious for aiding our enemies while leaving our allies out to dry.

Let us know what you think of John McCain’s little slip up in the comments section. Innocent mistake, or too much of a coincidence to ignore? Sound off!

H/T: infowars

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